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Business Development Manager


We require a full-time Business Development Manager with the abilities to help us grow our business. The duties of the business manager will include:

  • Developing business plans aimed at long-term business sustainability 

  • Sourcing new business opportunities by targeting new markets or new demographics

  • Improving the quality of customer service and customer satisfaction 

  • Negotiating new contracts with suppliers or customers on behalf of the organisation and looking for cost-reduction opportunities.

  • Preparing detailed budgets that improve the cost-efficiency of the setting

  • Keeping up to date with industry trends, economic policies and changing markets

  • Working with other company managers to create long-term company strategy

  • Daily reporting, managing and coordinating monthly reporting, budgeting and reforecast processes

  • Providing back-office services such as accounts payable, collection and payroll

  • Monitoring cash flow

  • Providing insights on the financial health of the organisation

  • Keeping track of market trends.

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